Sunday, 31 July 2011

Selamat Berpuasa

Shaya dan K ingin menugapkan selamat menyambut
Bulan Ramadhan buat shemua sahabat handai

Saturday, 30 July 2011


" eB, wa nk mintak HEADER satu sbb wa mmg xreti nak buat header..hehehehe


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12 Diet Myths -- Busted

Sharing is Caring

Myth 1: Carbs will make you fat
This myth has stuck around ever since the rising popularity of low-carb diets, but not all carbohydrates are bad for your waistline. The trick is to pick the right kind of carbs -- choose whole grains over refined carbs found in processed foods like white bread, white rice and pasta. "Eating small portions from time to time will not affect your weight," explains Anna Mason, a health and fitness coach and founder of Distance Dieters.

Then why do people lose weight by avoiding carbs? Low-carb diets, like almost every other kind of diet that restricts certain food groups, translate to restricting calories. And when you consume lesser calories, the pounds come off over time.

Myth 2: You'll put on more weight if you eat at night
Your body doesn't know when calories are being consumed, but if you find night snacking piles on the pounds, it's mainly down to what you eat, not when you're eating: Studies show that dieters who restrict their calorie intake in the day are more likely to crave more unhealthy snacks later at night. Which obviously backfires if you're trying to lose weight.

To drop the pounds, you need to be consuming fewer calories than you're using up -- try upping your activity level with regular moderate exercise instead of going on ridiculously low calorie diets, and you'll lose weight no matter when you're eating. On a side note, it's a good idea to avoid late-night suppers so you're less likely to experience indigestion during the night, says Mason.

Myth 3: Dairy products are fattening
Cheese can be high in fat but like most dairy products, it's fine in moderation. A balanced diet contains food from a range of food groups -- including dairy -- so it can do more harm to cut these foods out, Mason explains.

If you're concerned about the fat content, opt for low-fat dairy products but don't ditch them altogether. A no-dairy diet will mean missing out on good sources of calcium and vitamin D, which are essential for healthy teeth and bones.

Myth 4: Frozen and canned fruit and vegetables are less healthy than fresh
Fresh fruits and veggies aren't the only healthy option when it comes to getting your five a day. Frozen and canned varieties can be just as good for you, says Mason.

Because they're frozen or canned relatively quickly, they can actually be more nutritious because vitamins and minerals don't get as much chance to escape in comparison to fresh produce, which could have been imported long distances and left to sit on the shelf before it reaches you.

Myth 5: You should shun red meat
Red meat has gained a bad rep in recent years but it's only unhealthy if you eat too much. The key is moderation -- 2 to 3 servings of red meat per week is fine, and are a good source of vital nutrients like B vitamins, iron and zinc.

Just choose lean cuts of good quality meat, advises Mason, trim off unnecessary fat and avoid cooking methods that will increase the fat content.

Myth 6: Low fat foods are always best for weight loss
Just because the product boasts a "low fat" label doesn't mean it's diet-friendly. Low fat foods often contain hidden calories in the form of sugar or starch thickeners (often to make them more palatable), warns Mason. So while they may be lower in fat than their full-fat counterparts, they won't necessarily contain fewer calories. As well as sugar, keep an eye on the salt content.

Myth 7: Organic foods are more nutritious
Organic foods are not treated with pesticides, making organic fruit and vegetables a safer and healthier option. Most organic foods contain the same nutritional values as non-organic foods, though, so you can't automatically assume that they're superior in all respects.

Myth 8: Grapefruit and celery make your body burn fat more quickly
You'll often hear that certain foods like grapefruit and celery can encourage your body to burn fat more efficiently but in reality, no foods can do this. Miracle weight-loss foods? A big fat myth, period.
Myth 9: Skipping meals is a good way to shed weight
Bad idea. Missing out on breakfast makes you more likely to snack during the day to keep your energy levels up so it can be completely counterproductive. You're better off eating a good breakfast to see you through to lunchtime.

Instead, try eating smaller, more frequent meals throughout the day, so you'll be less likely to reach for unhealthy snacks.

Myth 10: A high-sugar diet causes diabetes
Because diabetes is linked to blood sugar levels, the condition is often misunderstood as being caused by eating too much sugar. Type 1 diabetes (which is controlled by insulin injections) is the result of the immune system turning on the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas and has nothing to do with diet.

Type 2 diabetes is also linked to poor insulin production but this type is more common if you're overweight. High sugar levels can therefore be a risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes but it's got more to do with being overweight and with one's sugar consumption per se.

Myth 11: All fats are bad
Many women fall into the trap of believing that all fat is automatically bad but this myth ignores the fact that there are different types of fat.

'Good' fats such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats play a key role in good health and are needed for to keep the brain, heart, lungs, digestive system, eyes, skin, hair and immune system in optimum condition, Mason points out.

The fat that's bad news -- trans fat. It's a man-made fat that's been linked to cardiovascular diseases and can be found in commercial baked goods such as biscuits and doughnuts. Ban trans fats from your diet. And limit your consumption of saturated fats.
Myth 12: When you're pregnant, you need to 'eat for two'
There may well be two of you in the equation but it's worth remembering that a foetus is only tiny and doesn't need nearly as many calories as an adult. Experts claim that the extra calories needed per day only amount to several hundred even in the last few months of pregnancy, so there's no need to pile on the pounds deliberately. The most important thing is to eat a well-balanced diet that is rich in fruit, vegetables, lean protein and fiber, says Mason.

Friday, 29 July 2011

Siapa Yang Akan Mengumumkan?

Salam jumaat kengkawan sekalian
Pekabo shemua?
Dah ready nak berposer ke blum?
Mana yg keje gomen
Udah bl ke brg2 dapur nak msk tuk sahur ngan buka nnti

Mana yg keje bkn gomen cam Shaya ni
Duk mngira je le date
bl nak masuk gajinya

Sebelum nak poser sure nak kena tgk anak bulan
ye dak
Lau idak camne nak tau bl nak posernya
2 hari lepas (lau xsilap)
Puan Pidah tapi Cik Bedah Laser  bagitau kat FB
Pak Engku yg slalu wat pengumuman tu dah pencen
Thn ni org baru yg bakal akan buat pengumuman

Shaya secara peribadi cukup suka cara pertuturan Pak Engku ni
Cuba kengkawan tgk pengumuman yg dia bt
Dia punya intonasi suara
Sama jer

Paling siok dengar sebuatan huruf R dia
Cuba tgk 3 video yg wa copy dr youtube ni

Tahun 2006

Tahun 2009
tahun 2010

 Kengkawan perasan tak
Prop ngan kerusi dia pun sama jer

Shaya since dr kecik kan
B4 dia buat pengumuman
Mesti ada sesi meneka kaler bj
Pastu semua duk bersusun depan tv
Bl je Pak Engku sebut 'JATUH PADA"....
Semua senyap
Lau dia kata esoknya
Semua bersorak
If dia kata bkn esoknya
Terus kuar umah sambung main mercun ngan bunga api

Memang moment terindah la
Agak2nya bebudak skang ni
Ada ke mcm apa yg pernah Shaya rasa dl
Betapa untungnya kita yg mengalami moment itu

Buat sahabat sekalin
Selamat menyambut Bulan Ramadhan Al mubarak yer

Thursday, 28 July 2011


 Kita tinggalkan kejap citer bola yer
Kita masuk dlm jenis sukan yg lain plak

Siapa yang pernah menceburi sukan Polo?
Siok tak?
Shaya naik kuda pun tak pernah tau...
Kesian kan....

Pada hujung bln lepas
(Lama kan peram cerita ni)
Kami mendapat jemputan utk menghadiri perlawanan akhir Polo
Peringkat Kelayakan Akhir
Antara Pakistan dan India

Acara ni dirasmikan oleh PM kita la
Selain tu Sultan Pahang n Tengku Mahkota pun ada dtg
Org2 kenamaan lain Shaya tak berapa nak perasan

Perlawan ni adalah Zone D
Dan negara yg bertanding adalah
South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, India, Pakistan, Nigeria dan Malaysia
Dari 7 negara tu dorang dibahagi kpd 3 zone lagik
Malaysia dlm zone 1 skali ngan Australia
Ni la dia player team Malaysia
credit to google
Acara pembukaan dilakukan dengan persembahan pancaragam oleh ATM
Mcm2 lagu dorang buat
Sbb Sultan n Tengku Mahkota Pahang ada
Dorang siap buat lagu joget Pahang lagi
Sambil main alat instrument sambil berjoget
Nampak la mana yg badan keras
Mana yg badan lembut

Pancaragam semasa opening
Polo ni mendapat sponser dr banyak pihak gak la
Antaranya Audi, n Sime Darby
Dorang ni pinjamkan kerete yg latest punya edition 
Tuk digunakan sepanjang FIP Polo ni
Sampaikan cater punya transportation pun guna BMW 3 series

Shaya n K tau pun bl pas parking kete
Ada 1 BMW ni stop kat ngan kete kami
Ingat nak tnya mana nak parking
Rupanya dia suh naik kete dia
So siapa yg dtg tu xperlu la nak menapak jauh

If kat litar Sepang tu
Ada awek cun yg mengiringi pelumba
Time dorang diperkenalkan
Player Polo ni diiringi oleh
2 biji kereta Audi
Semasa sesi memperkenal pemain

Sesi memperkenalkan player

Shaya duduk sekali ngan penyokong2 fanatic kedua2 pasukan
Yang lg hebatnya ialah ada wife pemain dr India ni
Duk betul2 depan Shaya
Keje dia duk menjerit je la
Melaung nak usben dia

Dlm kul 6 lbh camtu
PM pun dtg nak merasmikan dan menyampaikan hadiah
Actually byk gak gmbar K snap
Tp semua dlm si Godang
Mls plak nak transfer
So guna gambar yg digoogle je la

credit to google

Ding Dong..Ding Dong
Sampai la ke sesi Dinner
Awal2 K dah ckp
Makanan dia nanti amat la mewah
Shaya memula tak berapa nak percaya
Rupa2nya betul la

Mcm2 ada ha
Dah tu plak
Cik Puan2 yg very the class
Mana nak makan byk kan
Jaga badan
So byk la lebih makanan tu

Tgh semua bersembang2 n makan
Ada sesi bunga api
Cantik amat seh

Acara dinner tu diteruskan lg dengan sesi "bersenam"
Siap ada live band yer

Tengah Shaya leka mengisi perut yg lapar
Tetiba Shaya perasan Tengku Mahkota ada kat sebelah Shaya
Rupanya dia pegi dr 1 meja ke 1 meja
Salam ngan semua org

Adakah Shaya salam dia jugak
Shaya just angguk dan senyum jer
Xde nak salam2
Mana yang Shaya nmpak
Shaya just pandang je la
N Skodeng dorang dtg ngan sape

Sepanjang petang n lewat petang
Shaya perasan jugak
Ada beberapa retis yg dtg
Shaya just sekodeng je
Ngan siapa dorang dtg
Ngan group mana dorang join

Tapi Shaya xde la nak sebarkan kisah2 dorang tu
Apa yg Shaya nampak
Shaya simpan tuk Shaya je la
Pastukan Shaya ni tak berapa nak koser bergambo ngan retis
Melainkan yg Shaya fanatic

*Mak pelik la nok...Pesal bau taik kuda org kata ok lau bau taik kucing semua kata busuk?

Sila Berikan Tumpuan Yer

Shemalam Shaya ada baca kat Beautifulnara
(abes kantoi nok mak baca nara)
Psl kisah gossip Goal Keeper Malaysia tu
Shaya tak nak komen psl apa yang terjadi
Shebab dah namanya pun gossip
Udah plak tu football player skang
Dah ala2 cam retis gak
Dilanda gossip dan kontroversi
So kira itu adalah "makanan" bl dah glamer la kan

Cuma yang penting bagi Shaya
Ini malam punya game
Sila beri tumpuan penuh pd bola dr pihak lawan
Hal personal tak usah pikir ha
Kasi focus sama itu sebijik bola saja
Wajib jaga gawang gol sehabis baik
Ok Bro
credit to google
Apapun Shaya doakan jugak
Pasangan yg berdarah manis ni
Akan dapat menempuh dugaan bertunang ni dgn jayanya
Berbahagia dengan apa jua keputusan yg korang akan ambil

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Bersemangat Kau...Aummmmm

Shaya tak mampu utk terus Wordless Wednesday
Semangat giler nih

Sape plan nak g tgk bola esok?
Sila angkat tangan
Korang nak masuk ikut pintu mana?

Actually Shaya bukan la peminat bola sepak yang tegar
Tapi Shaya adalah pendokong semangat kesukanan negara yg waja
 Ni lg la bila lawan Singapura
Wahhh..kemain kan

Ritu masa Malaysia lwn Chelsea
Jenuh wooo Shaya menjerit2
Bila gawang Msia terselamat dr dibolosi oleh Chelsea
Kebetulan plak 1st half dpt duk dekat ngan gol post
Rasa puas hati dan bangga amat seh
Bila tgk Chelsea mcm hangin jer
Bola dorang xboleh nak bolos

Rata2 yg dtg tgk Msia lwn Chelsea ritu
Shaya rs dorang minat Chelsea
Tapi dilubuk sanubari dorang menyokong Malaysia
Siapa yg tgk live kat tv pasti akan nampak
Kami semua kibarkan bendera Chelsea
Nape bendera Chelsea?
Sbb tiap sorang dpt bendera tu free
So bila sorak for Malaysia pun
Bendera Chelsea yang dikibar

Mlm sok xtau la kot ada yg nak sponser
Bendera free kasi kat semua yg dtg

Disebabakan perasaan tanah tumpahnya darahku itu waja
Shaya siap bl jersi ngan selendang kaler kuning tau
Tuk pegi tgk bola esok
Maka makin menjadi2 la semangat nak mengaummmm
Mekasih my darling K
Sobab bolikan jersi tu

Shemalam Shaya dengar kat radio era
Baca kat fb n twitter
Ramai yg cakap dorang xdpt nak beli tiket
Dah abes katanya
Peruntukan 30 ribu tiket tuk semalam dah abes
Arini dorang jual lg 30ribu

Shaya dah ada tiket
Tu pun memula K kena bl online
Shebab K takut nnti beratur punya lama
Sampai je turn dia dah abes
Sure dia akan hangin punya la
Mau dia bersilat2 sorang2 kang

Resit beli online
K beli online hari selasa
So shemalam dia dgn eksenya
Cuma perlu beratur dlm 2-3 min je tuk redeem tiket2 tu
Tiket tuk esok
Harap sangat Malaysia menang esok
Sape2 yg pegi kita jumpa sok mlm yer
Sesama kita mengaummm

WW~Harimau Malaya

Malaysia Boleh

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Slim Down in 5 weeks~Impian dihati

Meh kita Share sesama

What you’ll need:  
A stability ball and a set of medium-weight dumbbells. That’s it!
2-2 benda ni Shaya ada kat umah

What to do: 
Works biceps, butt, thighs
Stand with a stability ball pressed between your lower back and a wall, feet hip-width apart; hold a weight in each hand at shoulders. Maintain contact with wall, uncurling arms as you squat (as shown). Return to start; repeat. Do reps.

Works shoulders, triceps, chest, abs
Start in push-up position, hands in line under shoulders on ball, hips lifted, legs extended behind you, resting on toes. Bend elbows and lower chest to ball (as shown). Return to start; repeat. Do reps.
Works abs
Lie faceup with knees bent at 90 degrees, calves on top of ball, arms at sides, palms flat. Squeeze ball between back of thighs and calves as you draw knees toward chest, performing a reverse crunch (as shown). Return to start; repeat. Do reps.
Works thighs, butt
Stand with ball on right side, right leg extended with side of foot resting on top; hold a weight in left hand. Bend left knee and squat, reaching weight past knee (as shown). Return to start; repeat. Do reps. Repeat on opposite side.

Works back, shoulders, abs, butt
Lie with chest on ball, arms dangling in front, a weight in each hand, legs extended behind you with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, resting on toes. Engage core as you lift upper body off ball and extend arms in a Y at shoulder height (as shown). Release to start; repeat. Do reps.
Works triceps, abs
Lie faceup on ball with feet flat, knees bent, a weight in each hand with elbows bent 90 degrees. Tighten abs and crunch up as you straighten arms in front of you (as shown). Release to start; repeat. Do reps.

Why it works:  
The moves use a Jedi mind trick to make them more manageable. You’ll do 8 reps of a move, rest for 10 seconds, then do 7 reps, rest for 10, and so on, until you’re left with one measly rep. You can do one of anything, right? Couple that with the fat-melting magic of Tabata cardio intervals (Tabata simply means 20-second bursts with 10-second rests, repeated 8 times) and you’ll firm fast!

Kena gigih ni

Sample Kuih Raya

Minggu ni merupakan minggu terakhir 
Sebelum kita menjalani ibadah puasa
Tokey2 kuih pun dah stat edarkan sample kuih dorang
Ni antara sampel kuih yg Shaya dpt
Shaya mkn yg kuih popia simpul tu jer
Yang kuih batang buruk Shaya xmkn
Coz ada campuran susu tepung
Shaya xsuka susu

Shaya ni bukan le pengemar kuih or semekut raya
Boleh dibilang berapa yg Shaya makan
Kat kg kuih yg wajib mak akan buat
Iaitu Mazola ngan tart nenas
2-2 tu Shaya tak makan
Shaya just mkn kacang2, kerepek dan asam2 tu jer

Kengkawan ada dpt sample kuih cam Shaya?
Apa semekut raya peberet korang?

Monday, 25 July 2011

#blamethemuslims~apa ni??

Siapa ada twitter??
Perasan tak arini punya TT
Pesal leh kuar #blamethemuslims???
Balik2 nak salahkan muslim...
Please la..
Semua agama tu baik n mengajak ke arah kebaikan la weiii
memang dolllll tul la
Jgn la nak tunding2 kata agama org lain xbaik
N agama kita je yang baik

Shaya setuju dgn Eric University
Adik beradik Kardashian pun tak setuju


Rasanya shemua org pernah guna highway
Dan shemua org pernah lalu kat toll booth 

Shaya setiap hari nak g keje memang kena bayar tol
Sehari min perbelanjaan tol Shaya ialah RM 8.40
Bagi perjalanan dari BBBangi ke Hartamas
Blum campur parking lg tu

Semenjak kata ada rebate if kita guna Touch N Go
Maka shaya pun berubah dr guna tunai ke Touch N Go
Lagi2 bl dorang dah upgred sistem
Yang mana kita blh dptkan resit even guna Touch N Go or Smart Tag
Sangat la convienience
Xde la shaya duk beratur panjang2

After a while lane tuk Touch N Go pun dah kena Q panjang
Tambah plak cermin tingkap kete Shaya tu dah meragam
Pandai dah turun xmo naik blk

So Shaya pow K punya Smart Tag
Lg la sgt convienience
Just lalu jer
Bl duit abes top up
Time top up tu terasa jgk la duit yg kluar tu
Time guna xrasa sgt

Tapi bl chk kat online
Ni dia jumpa bayaran tol yg shaya dah buat
Hamik kau
RM 1,175.70

Tapi nasib baik ada la jugak pengubat
Shaya dpt rebate
RM 154.64

If kwn2 pun pembayar tol yg tegar mcm Shaya
Sila da daftar tuk skim rebate 20% tu
Than bleh la dpt rebate cam Shaya jugak

Saturday, 23 July 2011


Ada tak kengkawan dpt email kehilangan budak ini?

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1Malaysia,
Tuan/Puan & rakan-rakan
Dengan hormatnya dimajukan butiran dan foto seorang kanak-kanak yang hilang sejak 13 Julai 2011.
Mohon perhatian dan kerjasama kepada tuan/puan untuk menghubungi ibu bapa mangsa atau Balai Polis berhampiran seandainya ada melihat kanak-kanak ini.
Butiran :
·         Seorang kanak-kanak lelaki berumur 10thn (Darjah 4)
·         Memakai t-shirt sukan berwarna merah berlengan hitam dgn cetakan 'S.K Subang Bestari, Tuah',
·         Berseluar sukan berwarna biru gelap berbelang putih dan berjaket berwarna coklat.
·         Membawa beg sekolah berwarna biru dan hitam.
·         Mempunyai ketinggian lebih kurang 110cm, berambut pendek dan mempunyai tanda parut disebelah kanan kepala.
·         Ayahnya menyedari kehilangan anaknya pada 13hb Julai 2011 diantara jam 6.30 petang ke 7.00 petang.
·         Budak ni dibawa oleh seorang perempuan agak berumur, berkulit agak gelap. Dipercaya warga indon
 Shaya dpt email ni pd 18hb July 2011
Pada 20hb Shaya pegi umah makcik Shaya kat Subang
Tanya kat dia psl budak yg hilang ni
Dia ckp bdk ni bukan la kena culik 
Budak ni cuma lari rumah jer

Budak ni kena marah dgn parents dia
Reason why xtau la kan
Than dia ikut kwn dia blk rumah
N bagitau kat parents kwn dia
Mak bapak dia out station 
N dia nak tumpang semalam

Yang mak bapak bdk ni plak
Bl dah gelabah anak dia hilang
Dorang g jumpa bomoh
Maka terkeluar la ciri2 org yang bwk lari anak dorang tu
Padahal xde pun dibawak lari
Anak dia yang melarikan diri sendiri

Apapun bdk ni dah selamat blk umah
Ini based on citer makcik shaya la yer
If ada tersalah harap dipohon pembetulan
Memang baik kita buat email berantai
Cuma lebih baik if kita selidik kebenarannya dulu la kan